Reflection 9- Interactive White Boards

Interactive white boards, also called “smart boards”, have been drastically swapping places with dry erase boards all over the country. Schools have now built these boards in classrooms and teachers basically had to teach themselves how to use them because they are very high tech. I know personally when I was high school, my teachers would […]

LADP Documentation #1

         The process of working on the LADP project has not been an easy one. At first we had to chose a topic that would not only be interesting, but also creative and innovative. We wanted our topic to not only engage students, but also provide them with learning content as well […]

Reflection 8 (10/16/13)

Project-Based Learning             Project- based learning is the new trend in education. Personally, I can’t say that I can explicitly remember doing anything like this in school but I have done similar projects on a smaller scale. Before iPhones and apps and all of that became popular, I did a […]

Reflection 7 (10/7/13)

The stop animation infomercial was one of the most fun projects I have had throughout my years of schooling. We chose to do our infomercial on Edmodo. Edmodo is a website used in schools to connect the classroom to the home. It is like a Facebook for education because it connects classmates along with teachers […]

Reflection 6 (10/2/13)

What is augmented reality? Honestly, before having to do the research required for this reflection and discussion, I had no idea. It is defined as an environment that includes both virtual reality and real world elements. An example of this is the Google glass, which is a pair of glasses that allows you to see […]

Reflection 5 (9/16/13)

Visual literacy is a very important part of learning especially when children are in their early years. I learned that subjects in school such as art, music, and performing arts are needed in school just as much as the three R’s. Personally, I know that it always helped in school when the teacher would assign […]

Reflection 4 (9/09/13)

The Horizon Report I chose to reflect on is the higher education one.  I agree with basically all of the trends in the report. These trends are constantly implemented in the curriculum. Many teachers are now beginning to use tablets in the classroom and for special projects. I believe this is a great piece of […]

Reflection 3 (9/4/13)

1. Which projects do you like the most or which project is the most impressive? Why? The project that I thought was the most impressive was the one that had the kids go on a scavenger hunt at the Smithsonian. I enjoyed watching this project because you could see how genuinely happy the kids were […]

Reflection 2 (8/26/2013)

Meaningful Learning Reflection            In this chapter of Meaningful Learning with Technology, the focus was the way learning has changed throughout the years. The chapter began with discussing the addition of standardized tests into school. I too fall victim to this because through all my years of being tested, I always […]

Reflection 1 (8/19/2013)

Destini Jones Professor Justine EDIT 2000 Reflection 1              This reflection is centered on the topic of my learning experiences since childhood. While being in school, I have experienced a lot of different techniques from my teachers to help me grasp whatever the lesson was. Growing up, I was a […]