Reflection 9- Interactive White Boards

Interactive white boards, also called “smart boards”, have been drastically swapping places with dry erase boards all over the country. Schools have now built these boards in classrooms and teachers basically had to teach themselves how to use them because they are very high tech. I know personally when I was high school, my teachers would only use the boards to project something off of the their computer. I didn’t even know that interactive white boards could do so much more until we had a special guests in class that were experts on them.

Emily Hodge came to give a presentation on all that Smart Boards had to offer. We wrote, played games, and used interactive software that the boards come equipped with. She showed us ways that not only small children could become engaged in the lesson but older students can as well. The Smart Board allows you to use your finger, swoosh ball, or the pen that comes along with it to operate the board. The teacher or presenter can navigate the computer through the board so that presentations can be given more efficiently.

I chose to read “The Art and Science of Teaching/ Teaching with Interactive Whiteboards” article. This article talked about the research that has been conducted on the effect of having an interactive whiteboard in the class. Researchers have not found a lot of conclusions as to whether the boards cause student achievement but they have found that the boards have features that cause direct results. The Smart Boards have features that include learner-response devices, graphics and visuals, and reinforcers. Interactive White Boards are very beneficial to the classroom setting and when used to the most of its capability, can make the teacher’s life easier and the students more academically astound.

Check out this video for a visual of Smart Boards at work in the classroom!


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