LADP Documentation #1

         The process of working on the LADP project has not been an easy one. At first we had to chose a topic that would not only be interesting, but also creative and innovative. We wanted our topic to not only engage students, but also provide them with learning content as well as involve them in the process of learning. After we chose the topic, we had to develop an Essential Question that would engage the student’s and get them thinking.

         We started off making a google doc to keep all of our important information for our site. Each group member is an editor so at any time we can go and make changes to the google doc. We encountered trouble when we started working on our actual google site. The google doc is coming in handy because whenever we find something that is useful for the site we can go and post it there for all of us to see. We were having trouble getting the site set up, so one of our group members suggested that we try Weebly. I must say that its great. We haven’t had any problems with Weebly yet and we have things flowing smoothly with our site. Weebly is easy to navigate and upload our information and pictures too. It is still a work in progress however.

Another week passed and we continued to work on our site. We had to present a draft of our site either on a google doc or the actual site. We received feedback from our classmates on the presentation of our site and content of the information. Many of the other students have really good concepts as well and their websites are coming along nicely. We now need to complete our author introduction video and finish all the placement plans for our website.


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