Reflection 8 (10/16/13)

Project-Based Learning

            Project- based learning is the new trend in education. Personally, I can’t say that I can explicitly remember doing anything like this in school but I have done similar projects on a smaller scale. Before iPhones and apps and all of that became popular, I did a semester long project in the 7th grade that seems similar to project-based learning. This project counted as a grade in my math, science, and English class. We had to research an endangered species then calculate statistics on the prevalence and probability of this animal not going extinct. Then for science we were assessed on what was causing the animal to be endangered and what solutions could we come up with to help the animal get off of the list. For my English class, our essays that accompanied this project were assessed.

            I feel that this was a great way to get a student passionate about something and have them learn things for multiple subjects. The pros about project-based learning would be that it is something that is interesting and it makes the students feel like they are doing real activities instead of busy work. Cons about project-based learning would be that it does take a lot of planning and collaboration amongst teachers, students, and parents.

            I enjoyed reading about the winners of the Imagine Cup contest because their innovations were so good. Personally, I enjoyed that the vision impaired student made an app for note taking because I love when new inventions come out to help the disabled. I like that this contest wanted them to conquer Millennium Developmental Goals, which is really shooting for the stars. The author also mentioned that the use of gaming was big because they wanted these programs to alter reality and have kids think they are just playing. 


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