Reflection 7 (10/7/13)

The stop animation infomercial was one of the most fun projects I have had throughout my years of schooling. We chose to do our infomercial on Edmodo. Edmodo is a website used in schools to connect the classroom to the home. It is like a Facebook for education because it connects classmates along with teachers together to gain supplemental material. Many perks of Edmodo is that you can turn in your assignments, take practice tests, and hold discussions online. I think that this website is great to use in the classroom because now technology is so prevalent that we have to include it in education to keep the students interested.


The other groups in class did such a great job on their stop animation project. They were edited to look very professional and the images were crystal clear. I learned a lot about new websites and apps. My favorite new website/app that I didn’t know much about before was the Google nanny app. I think that it is a great innovation because it can keep students focused while online. Personally, I would use it on my computer and in the classroom. Another website that I enjoyed learning about was Pinterest because usually it is thought of as a distraction website but can actually be used for education. In addition, their infomercial was very good and creative.

I had never made a stop animation video before and now I truly have an appreciation for the ones done professionally for ads. So much work goes into making those videos. The pictures have to be clear, in the same spot, and hundreds of pictures have to be taken just to make it look more and more like a video rather than a slideshow. The pros to this technique are that it is easy to turn into a video and they are fun to watch. The cons would be that the picture taking part is very tedious and matching any kind of music or voiceovers to the pictures is difficult. I would suggest that people adequately manage their time for this project because if you wait until a deadline it could be very stressful.


One thought on “Reflection 7 (10/7/13)

  1. I really enjoyed working on Edmodo with you. You brought a lot of great ideas to the table for our stop animation project and luckily it was because of you we were actually able to access the full website. Glad you introduced us and the entire class to a new innovative way of learning on the web.

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