Reflection 6 (10/2/13)

What is augmented reality? Honestly, before having to do the research required for this reflection and discussion, I had no idea. It is defined as an environment that includes both virtual reality and real world elements. An example of this is the Google glass, which is a pair of glasses that allows you to see the real world along with a computer-generated version. During Jim’s talk, he introduced an app to us called ARIS that is a type of augmented reality. The app allowed for students to use their smartphone to complete a scavenger hunt and at every stop on the hunt a picture of that same spot in history would appear. I thought that was very cool.

Another concept that is pretty popular not only in the mainstream but education as well is QR codes. These are pictures of a square that have black and white specs that lead directly to a URL. This is easily accessible because many students have smartphones and all you really need is a camera on the phone and Internet access. With the codes, teachers can have them linked to quizzes or supplemental material to aid in learning.

As an aspiring speech pathologist, I would definitely want to use augmented reality with my students. I feel that it will be a little overwhelming at first seeing as how it is new to education so most of the activities I will have to design myself. I am up for the challenge though because I know this is a great way to keep the children of this generation interested in learning. The QR codes don’t scare me much because the computer designs the code for you and I am pretty familiar with them. But as an educator, I will become sufficient in whatever I need to be in order to have my students learn as much as possible.


One thought on “Reflection 6 (10/2/13)

  1. I like that you tied augmented reality to your major (which is also mine!) and I would definitely want to use technologies like this for my future students. Great reflection!

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