Reflection 5 (9/16/13)

Visual literacy is a very important part of learning especially when children are in their early years. I learned that subjects in school such as art, music, and performing arts are needed in school just as much as the three R’s. Personally, I know that it always helped in school when the teacher would assign for us to do skits to explain whatever material we were learning in school. Actually writing the skit and acting it out helped me visually see the subject apply to reality. Also one time for a project in my AP Calculus class my teacher had do a project where we solved a certain problem then had to make a 3D model of how it could apply to real life. I think these are perfect ways to get kids to love learning.

I enjoyed the part of the article that mentioned a school in San Diego that implements art as a large part of the culture. For example, they have students in physics that build kinetic art with pulleys and they make 21st century resumes. I think the resume is very innovative because it could set the students apart from others when applying for positions and college. It is sad that the art programs are being cut from schools because of funding but I still think it is important for kids to get that enrichment. It is great that teachers can find ways to include visual literacy into the curriculum.

Personally, I enjoy adding photos to our blogs for EDIT 2000 but I do not like to write the essay portion every week. I like to reflect but doing it every week feels like high school. The photos add a nice touch to it because when I view everyone else’s reflection the pictures really keep my attention. I will help others develop their visual literacy by presenting more pictures and employing more performing arts into education.


One thought on “Reflection 5 (9/16/13)

  1. I love that you put pictures in between your text rather than at the beginning or end, I never thought about that. It definitely makes the images coincide better with the context.

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