Reflection 4 (9/09/13)

The Horizon Report I chose to reflect on is the higher education one.  I agree with basically all of the trends in the report. These trends are constantly implemented in the curriculum. Many teachers are now beginning to use tablets in the classroom and for special projects. I believe this is a great piece of technology because it just provides so many alternatives to traditional learning. There are apps and games for any topic in the world. The fact that this concept of technology is becoming more affordable and available to the common student makes it a great tool for learning everywhere.

I enjoyed the trend of Massively Open Online Courses (MOOC). These courses are the meaning of a true learner. They allow for those that want to learn a chance to learn subjects for free. I have actually used this before in my own life. While taking AP classes in high school, I would download free university lectures off of iTunes. They really helped me and were very convenient. These are great because they allow the students who don’t have time to complete a minor or certificate a chance to venture outside of their area of study.

In addition, the trends of gaming and 3D printing were very interesting. Using games for learning isn’t something just reserved for kids anymore. Gaming is a great way to learn while not even notice you are working your brain. Also, 3D printing is very cool because I am a visual learner. So if I can see it in an even realer format, that will help me grasp the material. The article says that it has become more affordable in recent years, which is great for underfunded institutions. I really enjoyed that this report gave trends that are affordable because I think it is important for all students to have access to technology.


One thought on “Reflection 4 (9/09/13)

  1. I am a visual learner too! 3D printing sounds like an awesome tool for people like that, and I like that you put a picture of an actual printer (since I had no idea what one would look like).

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