Reflection 5 (9/16/13)

Visual literacy is a very important part of learning especially when children are in their early years. I learned that subjects in school such as art, music, and performing arts are needed in school just as much as the three R’s. Personally, I know that it always helped in school when the teacher would assign […]

Reflection 4 (9/09/13)

The Horizon Report I chose to reflect on is the higher education one.  I agree with basically all of the trends in the report. These trends are constantly implemented in the curriculum. Many teachers are now beginning to use tablets in the classroom and for special projects. I believe this is a great piece of […]

Reflection 3 (9/4/13)

1. Which projects do you like the most or which project is the most impressive? Why? The project that I thought was the most impressive was the one that had the kids go on a scavenger hunt at the Smithsonian. I enjoyed watching this project because you could see how genuinely happy the kids were […]