Reflection 2 (8/26/2013)

Meaningful Learning Reflection

           In this chapter of Meaningful Learning with Technology, the focus was the way learning has changed throughout the years. The chapter began with discussing the addition of standardized tests into school. I too fall victim to this because through all my years of being tested, I always memorized exactly what I needed and then would forget it after the test. As an educator, I want for my students to actually learn and feel like what I teach them will be beneficial to their life. The curriculum should be filled with topics that will put them a step ahead in being leaders for the future, not boring test preparation. From this chapter, I learned that I should find out what kind of learner each of my students are and use that information to adequately teach them.

           Nothing really shocked me in this chapter because I am an advocate for using technology in the classroom as much as possible. I was surprised to find out that things that seem so simple are technology such as a chalkboard. That just reminds me that new innovations and technology will always be here and there are no ways around it so it might as well be implemented into learning. The major takeaway I received from this chapter was that as an educator I should want my students to reach their highest potential and be exposed to much that the world has to offer. This means using technology to aid in education and connect in the best way to this generation.



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