Reflection 1 (8/19/2013)

Destini Jones

Professor Justine

EDIT 2000

Reflection 1

             This reflection is centered on the topic of my learning experiences since childhood. While being in school, I have experienced a lot of different techniques from my teachers to help me grasp whatever the lesson was. Growing up, I was a very smart child. I could read at grade levels way above my own and math and other subjects were beginning to come easily. The main struggle I had was with my communication skills because I had a speech impediment. I saw a speech therapist almost 3 times a week in grade school and I truly believe I can speak with much less hesitation because of that therapy.  

               The people that helped me learn the most were my family, teachers, and speech therapist. They used various techniques to get me to reach my highest learning ability. The most impressive methods used were making lessons out of games and incorporating videos and websites into the classrooms. My memory can recall playing bingo, jeopardy, and scavenger hunts as a fun way to keep us engaged in the lesson. I believe that was a great way to make the kids believe they are just having fun when they are actually learning many new things and skills.

             The ways of learning have changed so much over the past years. Technology has been implemented in so many aspects of life including learning. I know personally I have noticed how schools have made the shift by using more laptops in class. There are more classes that have projects that require the students to make websites, videos, or use or make apps for education. I always bring my laptop, iPad, and smartphone to class because everything I need to learn is on one or the other. For any topic that I need information on quickly, I can usually download an app that will deliver the information quick and efficiently. Technology is just an innovation that people have to adapt to because it is not going anywhere. I think it can have a very positive impact on education if used early to stimulate children’s minds.



2 thoughts on “Reflection 1 (8/19/2013)

  1. I find it very inspirational that you want to help children with what you once struggled with. I had to take kids that I babysat to a speech therapist for a few summers and I knew from that point on I wanted to have a career in that field as well.

  2. Wow, I like how you gave us a very important part of your childhood most people wouldn’t do that!!! You supported your reflection with images and cited them, so good job!!!!

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